A little piece of history

It was 1876 there was no Methodist Chapel in Streethouse.  Two men namely Henry Seymour and Charles Mounty thought it was time to make plans towards building a place of worship. 

They did not have any money, but they knew if they made the first move our God would supply all their needs.

They asked a farmer whose farm was just down the road if they could use his barn for some Sunday services and this was the beginning of the Primitive Methodist Worship in Streethouse.

There must have been only a few people to start with but when the word spread about the new venture, the membership grew.

The members of the new worship group collected one penny a week from the people of Streethouse and over the next 3 years this must have increased and there must have been some welcome donations.  In 1879 they had enough money to start building a new Primitive Methodist Chapel.

The cost of the building the chapel was £513 this included £53 for the plot and £71 for 60,000 bricks.

A mortgage was taken out for £200 and further grants of £100 and £50 were acquired.  The rest of the money was raised by donations and fund raising efforts.

Everything they did inside the chapel must have been done on a budget.

I know the heating system was a coal and wood burning stove in the centre of the chapel.

I’m not sure how many members were in the congregation there must have been quite a few.

At first there was no musical accompaniment to their hymns until 1882 when a harmonium was bought for £8.

Has they gained more and more money they decided in 1924 that they would get some estimates so they could add on to the chapel a Sunday school.  This was built by 1925 which is now our lovely warm and welcoming place of worship.  A place where you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

We know we can never thank our predecessors enough for the determination and commitment that they showed in spreading the word of God here in Streethouse. 

We thought it only right that we should preserve the name of the founders of this Chapel, so that is why when you enter our chapel the two plaques have been mounted on the wall on the left hand side.

Let us not forget also that our cenotaph has the names of those who fought and died for us in the 1914—18 war.

 Keith and Mary Madeley